Thursday, February 26, 2009

We won ! We won !

I know I have some catching up to do and I promise I'll definitely make a couple of posts next week, but it's been quite busy the last few weeks.
Still I definitely want to share this with you. You know I'm working as a presales consultant for a Belgian IBM Business Partner NV RealDolmen. Well, we just won an award. No not an Oscar, my acting talents aren't that good. But we did win the IBM "STG Winback of 2008", as we teamed up with IBM to realize the largest winback in Belgium for 2008.

Our customer Belgacom, a Belgian Telecom Operator, is running an IDMS database application on two Siemens BS2000 mainframes. After an intensive presales period of 2 years, Belgacom decided last year to migrate their application to an IBM platform. No, not just any platform : the IBM System z10, of course !

So, we're quite proud that we've been able to realize this winback and to illustrate this, here's a picture of me and my colleague Geert Maes who's our System z Solution Sales Manager. By the way, I'm on the left, but you might've already guessed that ;-)

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