Thursday, February 19, 2009

Linux on IBM System z Resources

I came across this document some time ago, but I couldn't find any link to it on the IBM zLinux page. But now it's there, or perhaps there again. If you look at the right hand side, there's an 'Information Resources' title with a link saying 'Check it out'. Well, just click on it. It gives you a wonderful .pdf document which gives you exactly what it says : "This paper provides an overview of the available information resources for Linux on System z, and the URLs for easy access to the information". Some items
  • Linux on IBM System z Web Pages
  • IBM and ISV Solutions
  • Customer References
  • Websphere, Cognos, SAP, Oracle
  • Linux on System z Distributors
  • Linux on System z Services & Support
  • Education
  • Performance information
  • Data sheets, White papers, FAQs
Quite an extensive list, no ?
So, just as I also use to say : just check it out !

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