Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Draft : Parallel Sysplex Operational Scenarios

I remember one of my first posts more than 2 years ago. I really wanted to mention the Redbooks, though I knew every one knows or should know them. What would we do without them ? If not the first, it's definitely one of the first resources you'll turn to when implementing some new technology or software. And you probably all receive the IBM Redbooks Weekly Newsletter.

The latest newsletter mentions a new draft of the Redbook : 'Parallel Sysplex Operational Scenarios' which really is a very helpful document when you start setting up a sysplex. What are the differences between this draft and the original version from 1998. Well, the draft is more elaborate than the original version. The first chapters introducing the sysplex, Sysplex Failure Management, CF Considerations, Couple Data Set and XCF management are similar to the first version. One chapter has gone (Tape sharing operations in a sysplex) and is replaced by the z/OS Health checker. The chapters discussing CICS, DB2 and also IMS are much more elaborate and there are new chapters on Websphere MQ, Resource Recovery Services (RRS) and z/OS Unix.

So, as I always say, just check it out !

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