Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Softek zDMF 3.2

This is of course the former LDMF product of Softek. IBM now announces an upgrade from zDMF 3.1 to zDMF 3.2 : 'IBM Data Mobility Services - Softek asset license - Softek zDMF enables nondisruptive dataset-level migrations across all vendor storage subsystems (ZS09-0023)'. It's a short announcement. Still, there are some interesting enhancements like e.g. the non-disruptive migration completion for DB2 datasets. here's an overview of the enhancements :
  • Closed data set copy streamlining, helping to enable faster migrations
  • Extent consolidation improvement to provide support across multi-volumes
  • Non-disruptive migration completion for DB2® datasets
  • Pending and schedule divert option, allowing greater user automation
  • Two optional audit trail types to help support regulatory requirements
  • System authorization facility (SAF) authorization implementation for all commands and functions
  • Selective multi-volume extent migration capability when multiple volumes are being migrated

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