Sunday, November 15, 2009

IBM Systems Magazine November/December issue

There's a new issue of IBM Systems Magazine. As usual there's an online version and a .pdf version. And I must say, there's a lot of content in this issue. Topics covered are :
  • Features for the next release of DB2 (DB2 X)
  • Security features of DB2 9
  • IBM's Solution Editions
  • Managing BI with IBM Workload Manager
  • Active Energy Manager (focus on using external metering devices in order to monitor more than just IBM servers in your data center)
  • RMF Magic V5

But there's more. I know there's always lots of information to be found on new releases of z/OS, but here's a nice focus on DFSMS talking about performance enhancements (cf. multitrack support of FICON), support of SSD (new policies "to help direct new data'set allocations to SSD volumes", tooling to help identify existing data that might be moved to SSD volumes) and dynamic volume-expansion (DVE).

I'd also like to draw your attention to the article on IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer which promises to reinvent the Data Warehouse. It's a very interesting article indeed presenting quite a new approach to data warehousing. I think this still has to be announced but it sure seems to offer us a first view of the hybrid System z future IBM showed us in the various announcements of their Dynamic Infrastructure.

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