Thursday, November 12, 2009

Migrating to Linux on System z extra reading material

Just last week I gave you some reading material (mainly Redbooks) for people considering a migration to Linux on System z. And here's already an update on that post. I think this only indicates it is really getting a Hot Topic generating lots of interest from all sides.

The article I want to add to this series is 'Linux Installation Planning' by Mark Post published on the z/Journal z/VM & Linux on System z Spotlight. Here's the introduction to the article :
"For many mainframe systems programmers, trying to figure out how to install Linux, whether on the mainframe or midrange hardware, can be an extremely frustrating experience. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever done before. This article offers insight on Linux installation considerations and provides the general information you’ll need for a successful installation as well as what groups you’ll need to get involved. You won’t receive any “answers” from this article because each shop is too different for anything generic to fit well with your environment. This article will provide you with enough insight to ask the right questions. If you get all the answers, the job of installing Linux should be fairly straightforward."
Topics covered are : work together with network, storage and security people, the right architecture, disk storage selection, application selection and requirements, file system selection, backup and restore, network requirements, management tools . . .

By the way, you know you can still get the free evaluation version of z/VM 5.3 and that you can get evaluation versions of SLES or RHEL or free versions of e.g. Fedora ?

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