Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DS8700 replaces DS8100, DS8300 ànd DS6800

Of course we were expecting to see the withdrawal of the DS8100 and the DS8300 when the DS8700 was announced last year. But, we see that also the DS6800 is withdrawn from marketing in favor of the DS8700. This is summed up in three announcements.
  • ZG10-0079 : Hardware withdrawal of models 931 (DS8100) and 932 (DS8300) for all DS8000 machine types (242x). They are replaced by model 941 (DS8700).
    As there is no mention of model 92E, the expansion unit, does this mean that you can still add expansion frames to your existing boxes ? And, I didn't notice this before, but apparently the DS8700 no longer has the Earthquake Resistance Kit.
  • ZG10-0067 : Hardware withdrawal of the DS6000 Series Model 522. The DS6800 is also replaced by the DS8700. No mention of the expansion unit either.
  • ZG10-0074 : Revised availability : IBM System Storage DS8700 model conversions. The following model conversions will be available : from 931 to 941 (2-way), from 932 to 941 (4-way) and from 92E to 94E.
The withdrawals become effective June 11, 2010. The model conversions will be available March 26, 2010.

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