Tuesday, February 2, 2010

IBM, Neon and the Cable Guy

Apparently people sometimes need simple images to understand a message. About a year ago we had 'Joe the Plumber' and now there's the cable guy. What's it all about ? Well, here's another episode of the Neon zPrime story. As I told you last december Neon sued IBM. I'm not going into all the legal stuff but Neon said to be losing lots of business because of IBM's actions against zPrime.

Now IBM is striking back (hey, more movie language) and they're making a cable guy comparison :
"Neon's business model expressly depends upon Neon inducing IBM's customers to violate their agreements with IBM. In this respect, it is no different than that of a crafty technician who promises, for a fee, to rig your cable box so you can watch premium TV channels without paying the cable company. Even if it could be accomplished technically, it is neither lawful nor ethical."
Clear language, no ? If you want to read all the details, you can find some articles on The Register, eWeek.com and the Mainframe Propeller Head blog where Mark Fontecchio concludes with "The verbal back-and-forth continued for a few months. Now, it’s a legal back-and-forth".

I'm not sure customers still like this movie . . .
. . . To be continued !

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