Thursday, February 11, 2010

What features of z/OSMF are supported on my z/OS Release?

Just came across this Technote on the IBM Support Portal answering the following questions :
"What features of z/OSMF are supported on my z/OS Release ?
Are Basic Sysplexes supported by the z/OSMF Incident Log ?"
The document "provides details about which z/OS Management Facility features are supported in certain z/OS Releases and Sysplex Environments" (Mono-plex, Basic Sysplex and Parallel Sysplex).

If you want more information on z/OSMF :
  • The preview announcement of z/OS 1.12 and z/OSMF 1.12 is over here.
  • The announcement of z/OSMF 1.11 can be found here.
  • There an IBM z/OSMF page with to the bottom also some references to Program Directory, User Guides . . .
  • On Techdocs there's this presentation 'z/OS System Management Facility (z/OSMF) & WSC User Experience' by Bette Brody. It gives a detailed overview, lots of installation, configuration and setup details and concluding with a WSC (Washington Systems Center) User Experience.

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