Friday, April 30, 2010

Total Solution Event for System z

Today, it's true even more than ever : time is money. I hear this quite a lot nowadays. Crisis isn't over yet and every management is very cost aware. The argument that an event is free is no longer enough because . . . your time is money, too. And I think many of you will recognize this : you don't attend that many events any more. It makes it harder to get to valuable information when you need it.

That's why I want to bring the 'Total Solution Event for System z' to your attention once again because it's open for registration now. It's a free three day event at the IBM Forum in Brussels taking place from September 8, 2010 to September 10, 2010. There will be lots of parallel tracks "presented by ITSO and worldwide specialists".
"This event features a mix of presentations, demonstrations and hand-on labs with a full range of products and solutions on System z that are relevant to both business-oriented and technology-oriented people. To make it a truly total solution event, we are including a number of sessions that demonstrate the strength of System z platform solutions. We expect to deliver more than 60 sessions in three days".
Here are the tracks you can follow :
Track 1 - System z for Managers and Executives
Track 2 - System z for Architects
Track 3 - System z and z/OS Update
Track 4 - VSE
Track 5 - Getting started with Linux on System z
Track 6 - Linux on System z - Advanced
Track 7 - Information and Data Management on System z
Track 8 - Enterprise Modernization and new Trends for Development
Track 9 - Implementing the Foundation for Business Continuum on System z
Track 10 - Managing and Monitoring of System z Workloads
I'm telling you about this now, because before you know it, holidays will be coming up and if you can only bring this up afterwards, it might be too late.

You find all the information here.
You can register over here.

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