Tuesday, July 13, 2010

IBM Support Portal, zHPF, PAV and loss of access to data on DS8000

You surely know the IBM support page has been competely updated some time ago. You can customize it to your own needs and if you haven't been using it since, you can find some informational videos over here. One of the functions is that you can let you send notifications about hardware and software. That's how I came across this notification.

"DS8100/DS8300/DS8700 users running with High Performance FICON (HPF) enabled and Traditional Alias (non Hyper PAV), on Release 4.1 (Bundle 64.1.x.x) and above, are exposed to a loss of access to data if multiple zSeries host systems are sharing access to the same volumes. This only occurs if the host system needs to take a device level reservation to maintain exclusive access to the volumes".

You can find all details over here. The support page recommends to disable HPF (SETIOS ZHPF=NO) until a Firmware fix is available.

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