Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rumours about a new dimension in computing

There's a buzz going round town about something new.

I saw an RSS feed appearing about two weeks ago from the IBM Mainframe blog, but before I could take a look at it, it was already gone again. It mentioned some mystery event on July 22nd.

Then there was this article from Maureen O'Gara appearing on several sites about IBM reinventing the mainframe, which would be coming real soon : "July 22's looking likely". There were of course the obvious tweets, retweets and other blog posts referring to it and there were some guesses about it at IBM-Main.

And now there's this online event from IBM about a New Dimension in Computing exactly on July 22nd. Hey, that's already the day after tomorrow !

The event page : http://events.unisfair.com/index.jsp?eid=556&seid=213
The event takes place at 15.45h GMT, 17.45h Brussels Time

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