Monday, July 5, 2010

Some storage news

Here's some information I gathered on several storage topics.
  • Last week IBM announced that theTS3400 tape library will be withdrawn from marketing. This is the small tape library with a maximum of two TS1120 drives and 18 cartridges which was announced in 2007. No replacement will be available.
  • Want to do some eLearning on ProtecTier. Here's the place to be with the following topics : Getting Started, LUN Masking, Virtual Tape Library and Replication
  • The Storage Evaluation Tool. If you have no clue what storage best matches your requirements, you can try and use this tool. It's a kind of wizard guiding you through some questions to make up your profile. However, I would love to see some results from the tool as I just can't seem to get past the final fill out form. Hope you have more luck than I have. If you get stuck too, they're working on it !
  • XIV customer story : here's a video on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange that implemented two full IBM XIV systems at each of two data centers, with synchronous mirroring for protection.

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