Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No more SSDs on DS8100-DS8300

End of the year is always a busy period when you're in the IBM business. Allthough I guess it's everywhere pretty much the same. So I finally found the time to have a look at the December announcements from IBM and here's a first : 'Hardware withdrawal: Select IBM System Storage DS8000 series features and Licensed Machine Code 5.0 - Replacements available (ZG10-0400)'

Summarizing : all 73GB and 146GB Solid State Disk Drives are withdrawn from marketing. As of today, they can no longer be ordered on any DS8000 machine. On the DS8700 the drive sets and half drive sets will be replaced by the 600GB SSD drive sets. For the DS8100 and the DS8300 no replacements are offered. That means that on these machines the only drives you can still order are the 300GB and the 450GB Fiber Channel drive sets.

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