Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Redbooks, Redpapers, Redpieces, drafts, there's not just Redbooks, as you all know of course. But have you heard already about Redguides ? Perhaps not.
"IBM Redguides focus on the business view of technology that solves business issues, provides business value, or enables competitive advantage by applying existing technologies or exploring a roadmap for emerging technologies."
Redguides are more written from a business perspective and it's already indicated in the subtitle : 'for business leaders'. They also start each time with an 'executive summary'. Does that make them less valuable for the technical guys ? No, just the opposite as it puts everything into a broader business perspective. On the one hand, it takes a step back from the really technical aspects but on the other hand it gives you a good general introduction to the topic which is discussed. So, you can use them as introduction to fields you're not particularly familiar with or it might give you extra, non-technical arguments when you have to convince your management about a certain technology.

Is this all too theoretical for you ? I'll give you a couple of examples of Redguides.
  • Using IBM System z As the Foundation for Your Information Management Architecture
    I already mentioned this redguide when talking about the Smart Analytics Optimizer. Just take a look at the content and you'll know what I mean : Information management challenges, Strengths of IBM System z for information management, Exploring the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer for DB2 for z/OS V1.1. As I said : less technical, good overview.
You want some more, then have a look at these ones : IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1: Intelligence Unleashed, Ready to Access DB2 for z/OS Data on Solid-State Drives and IBM System Storage Business Continuity Solutions Overview.

As I always say : just check them out !

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