Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BMC acquires NEON’s IMS products

zPrime has long gotten a lot, perhaps too much focus which made us forget Neon Enterprise has more products than just this one. Or should I say, had, when I'm talking about their IMS software. As the BMC press release says : BMC "has acquired the portfolio of IMS (Information Management System) database products and customers from NEON Enterprise Software, a leading mainframe management software company". By this acquisition BMC "enhances its IMS database management portfolio, providing the most comprehensive solution set to best address today’s IT challenges with big data, database availability and data analysis all within an organization’s IMS environment". This acquisition showcases BMCs continuing commitment to the mainframe and shows its belief in a growing mainframe market.

You can find the press release over here and some more information about BMC's IMS products over here.

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