Friday, June 17, 2011

'Sogeti - RealDolmen' : Partner of choice for a mainframe with a future!

People who (think they) know me would probably call me a cool, or perhaps rather calm person; ok, with this strange aberration of wanting to see every Prince concert in the (European) neighbourhood, but for the rest, not that easily excited about anything. But I càn get excited you know : about my kids getting good grades, about this great book I just read, about a deal that cost a lot of effort we just closed . . . And today I'm really excited about this new announcement we are making, and as a picture tells you more than a thousand words, just take a look below. Perhaps a couple of words of explanation. I know this mainly concerns our customers in Belgium and Luxemburg, but be my guest to read on anyway.

For quite some years now, NV RealDolmen and Sogeti are both occupying important positions in the world of mainframe - NV RealDolmen mainly acting as a hardware reseller and Sogeti mainly delivering services. Now our companies have decided to combine forces in order to become the leader for Mainframe in Belgium.

What are the strengths of Sogeti ?
  • T & M services
    • z/OS, DBMS, DC, performance, operations, …
    • Cobol, PLI
  • Managed Services 24/7 (Onsite & offsite)
  • Server consolidation projects
  • Hardware evaluations
  • Software evaluations
  • Migration projects
  • Assisting customer in new projects
  • Advisory role
What are the strengths of NV RealDolmen ?
  • RealDolmen has years of experience in and knowledge of the mainframe environment
  • RealDolmen provides the customer with information
    • Presentations
    • System z Newsletter
    • Blog (yes, mine !)
  • RealDolmen creates awareness of the new technologies
  • RealDolmen does performance- and capacity-studies
  • RealDolmen makes TCA-calculations ( hardware, hardware maintenance, MLC, IPLA... )
  • RealDolmen offers services for the development of new functions
    • Consultants, project leaders, analysts, software engineers
    • Legacy and other : COBOL, PL/I, CICS, DB2, IMS, Cool:GEN, JAVA, Websphere
What where the needs for setting up this collaboration ?

Sogeti is already one of the main actors in BeLux in mainframe but currently focusing on services. It is not a System z hardware nor System z software partner. It wants to offer the complete picture including technical hardware and software proposals.

RealDolmen on the other hand wants to expand on the mainframe market with a focus on new workload and new zEnterprise customers. In order to offer the complete picture too, we were on the lookout for more technical implementation and support skills and for an improvement of our service value propositions.

So, Sogeti and RealDolmen together, we're convinced that jointly we can deliver an added value to the customers with :
  • Exhaustive offering for (existing) mainframe customers
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Services
    • Support
  • A reinforced business approach
    • Single point of contact
    • TCO
    • Cost reduction, Performance
    • New workload if it creates value
  • The largest team of dedicated mainframe professionals in BeLux ! ! !
  • The full support of IBM for this project
So, what do you think about it ? Excited ? I can assure you I am !
From now on, Sogeti and RealDolmen, we're your Mainframe Partner !

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