Thursday, June 16, 2011

IBM’s Centennial : 100 Icons of Progress

Today's the big day for IBM, it's celebrating its 100th anniversary. If you want to browse through some of its historic moments and to learn a bit more about some of the milestones during its history you should have a look at this page : 'IBM's 100 Icons of Progress'.

You've seen them appearing here and there, the 100 Icons like this one :

Each Icon hides a short description of what this meant for IBM or how IBM influenced certain evolutions. And when you click through, you get an extensive article on the subject. This one here refers to Linux of course but there's much more. A couple of examples ? IBM 1401:The Mainframe, The Floppy Disk, RAMAC, System 360, Websphere, Magnetic Tape Storage, The Apollo Missions, Smarter Planet, The Selectric Typewriter, A Culture of THINK etc. etc. ...

As I always say, just check them out !
And . . . go back once in a while, as new ones are added throughout the year !

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