Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DS8800 Base Frame withdrawn from marketing

This was to be expected of course : now that the DS8870 is announced, the DS8800 will be withdrawn from marketing effective February 1, 2013 : 'Hardware withdrawal: IBM System Storage DS8800 (MT 242x) Model 951 - Replacements available (ZG12-0290)'.

Don't panic, as you can see, it's only the base frame that is WDFM. This means that you can no longer order new DS8800 machines but you can still order any additonal features, including extra expansion frames, after February 1, 2013.

But why would you want to order new DS8800s. The DS8870 is perfectly compatible with the DS8800 as was also indicated in the announcement of the DS8870 last week : "The remote mirror and copy solutions (...) are compatible with previous generations of DS800".

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