Friday, October 5, 2012

IBM System z software announcements : DB2 11 for z/OS ESP

The latest versions of DB2 for z/OS have known a three year release cycle with an end of support 7 years later. Just a small recap :
  • V6 : GA 1998, EOS 2005
  • V7 : GA 2001, EOS 2008
  • V8 : GA 2004, EOS 2012 (support lasted an extra year)
  • V9 : GA 2007, EOS 2014 (back to normal)
  • V10 : GA 2010, estimated EOS 2017
So today, IBM announced an Early Support Program for DB2 11 (ZP12-0467). Apparently we're on schedule for a GA by the end of 2013.

DB2 11 for z/OS seems to be focusing on the following 4 areas. I'll each time give you a couple of examples.
An ESP implies that IBM intends to make this version available to a select group of clients in a closed Early Support Program which becomes available on March 7, 2013. z/OS V1.13 is a prerequisite.

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