Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Announcement : IBM z/VSE V5.1 - Additional enhancements available

z/VSE 5.1 has been generally available since November 11, 2011. Today some enhancements have been announced : 'IBM z/VSE V5.1 - Additional enhancements available (ZP13-0116)'.

Here's an overview :
These enhancements will be made available with PTFs for z/VSE V5.1 with a GA of June 14, 2013.

I also see a couple of interesting Statements of Direction :
"IBM intends to add functionality that allows initial installation of z/VSE without requiring a physical tape. Clients who use a tape for initial installation only may no longer be forced to include a tape in the z/VSE configuration. With this ease of use function IBM will fulfill client requirements.
It is planned to reduce the AEWLC and MWLC list price of IPv6/VSE V1.1."
If you want to know more about this, there's a Live Virtual Class today at 5 p.m. Brussels Time. You can register over here.

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