Friday, April 5, 2013

Sampling Techdocs - up to March 2013

It's been some months, but here I am again with an overview of interesting TechDocs documents I came across while browsing through the latest publications. If you're completely unfamiliar to Techdocs, here's an introduction to it.
  • Cheat Sheet : IBM drives to storage systems cheat sheet
    It doesn't always have to be a long document to come in handy. This one-pager shows the currently offered drive types for current IBM storage systems.
    • Presentation : z/OS Workload Manager: What Are you Thinking?
      "This session will review many of the common definition mistakes seen by IBM. The session will provide recommendations for finding these mistakes and provide alternatives for better performance, or avoiding potential problems".
    Well that's it for now. And, as I always say : just check them out !


    GuyCla said...

    Nice an useful list !

    Anonymous said...

    Hello Marc,
    thanks for this good overview.