Thursday, April 4, 2013

zEnterprise Newsletter

I talked about Millennial Mainframer before. They have a blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. I'm not sure what their relationship is with this 'Eastern US Region zEnterprise Newsletter', but they're always the first to talk about the new issue.
Well, as far as I can see because the new issue is the sixth, but I only know it since last quarter. It appears every first of the quarter and this episode contains the following topics :
  • IBM EKMF (Enterprise Key Management Foundation)
  • zPCR
    This is the sizing tool (also available for customers) for when you plan an upgrade to a new system.
  • Advanced Analytics - : ILOG CPLEX on z/OS and Linux on System z
  • PureSystems Update
    This is mainly about the PureData Systems for Transactions, Analytics and Operational Analytics
  • WebSphere Compute Grid
    About its role in batch modernization : "With support for batch jobs alongside online transactions,  WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid delivers a near real-time user experience while optimizing costs".
  • Some dates for 'Wildfire Education' and 'Education' in the States
  • Trivia Question !
You can read it over here. If you click on the 'Archive' button on the right hand side, you can also read the previous issue. It has a nice article on 'Why SAP on System z ?'. If you need some arguments, do take a look at it.

You can subscribe to it via a mail with zEnterprise Newsletter Mailing List as the subject to Hank Meetze (

As I always say, just check it out !

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