Thursday, June 18, 2015

IBM Interactive 3D Product Catalog

This is a really fun way to explore some of IBM's hardware products in detail. The IBM 3D Product Catalog does exactly what it says. You can explore lots of hardware in a 3D fashion. You might remember that for the latest mainframe releases, there was also a 3D demo. Well, it's the same concept or they regrouped each and every demo over here.

There are 5 categories (each with some subcategories)
  • Systems and servers (Power and z Systems, Linux)
  • System Storage (Disk, Tape, Flash, Storage Solutions)
  • System Networking (Rack and Fiber Channel Switches)
  • Solutions (like the DB2 accelerator)
  • Integrated Solutions
You can click on a system, perform some actions, zoom in on cards or other features and you each time get some contextual information.Here's e.g. some info on the single chip module.

There's also an app of this, but unfortunately (at least for Android) a lot of the content does not seem to be available. Well, don't let that spoil the fun !

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Moin Marc,
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Helge van de Kraan