Monday, June 1, 2015

Forget Singapore, all mainframes are manufactured in my home town

I admit, this is just a fun post. I could have saved it for April 1, but it's a bit too obvious, but still, funny. I live in a small town in Belgium called Wielsbeke and there's a crossroads I'm passing by at least ten times a week and only last week my attention was suddenly drawn towards a couple of road signs that must have been there for really quite some time. I wasn't aware of it but apparantly the z13 is manufactured in my own home town. Here's the proof. And you can see, all the previous generations as well. But they definitely took another direction for the z13.

But there's more, and here's the real scoop, and you don't even have to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) for it : they're already manufacturing the next generation as well. I can already give you the name : it will be a z14 ! Heading once again in a different direction.

Now all I still have to do is work my way into one of those factories !

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