Wednesday, June 3, 2015

#XIV - Roundup of our executive briefing and Accelerate with ATS

Yesterday we had our Executive Briefing on XIV with an introduction from Eyal Zimran (CTO Storage IBM Europe) and a customer testimonial from Colruyt, an XIV customer of ours. And I can tell you, this was the most convincing part of the seminar. Let me give you a couple of quotes from their presentation
  • They came from DS8000 and the only thing they could conclude is that for their distributed systems, the performance of the XIV was way better than what they achieved with the DS8000.
  • The slide I liked the most was the one that wasn't there : Management. Since their statement was that this box absolutely has NO management effort whatsoever, the only thing they could've done was adding an empty slide on Management. 
  • And this also struck me : the savings they had on energy alone already paid back their investment
And, as you know, the customer is always right !

If you want to catch up with the most recent evolutions on XIV, here's your chance with a new 'Accelerate with ATS' teleconference. The content : "There are enhancements to how we view XIV Snapshot utilization that we would like to present. And we will also discuss the recent XIV announcements of 6TB drives, support for VMware VVOLs, and XIV Energy Star certification".

It's on June 18, 2015 at 6.00PM Brussels Time. Details and registration over here.

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