Tuesday, December 26, 2006

IBM and Oracle initiatives

Last october, IBM and Oracle announced "a strategic initiative to collaborate on the sales and marketing of a series of enterprise business solutions with Oracle applications and technology for Linux on System z in order to target the business requirements of large and medium size enterprise customers and meet growing market demand."

On this IBM page the implications of the announcement are described as follows : "With today’s announcement, Oracle is extending the portfolio of products available on the IBM System z9 platform with a comprehensive set of both database and application solutions which Oracle intends to enable for Linux on System z. This could mean new opportunities for you to take advantage of the advanced functionality of Oracle applications on a premier Linux environment, benefiting from the core strengths of the IBM System z9 platform."

I'm not a specialist on Oracle applications but when I try to read between the lines, I have the impression that 'Oracle E-Business Suite' will be able to run on zLinux. "Will be" is the right phrase though, because up to now it's not possible.

There is however a nice redbook on this matter due to be published in February 2007. But ther's already a draft available : Experiences with Oracle 10gR2 Solutions on Linux for IBM System z. "This IBM Redbook describe experiences gained while installing and testing several Oracle solutions, such as:
- Single Instance of Oracle Database 10gR2,
- Including sharing ORACLE_HOME and Cloning Oracle databases,
- RAC Instance of Oracle Database 10gR2 using raw devices, block devices or OCFS2 files
- Oracle E-Business Suite with a split configuration database on Linux on System z Oracle AS10g"

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