Monday, December 11, 2006

z/OS 1.8 Installation Planning Checklist

I've been browsing through Techdocs again and came across this z/OS 1.8 Installation Planning Checklist. This is an interesting document which is "to be used as a supplement to existing product publications". For those who are preparing a migration towards z/OS 1.8, the list was last updated at the end of November.
This reminds me of another lesser known source of information for people upgrading to a new version of z/OS : the ‘zSeries Platform Test site'. This is a site where a team of IBM people write down their experiences at migrating to a next z/OS release. They work in a parallel sysplex environment and bring you a detailed report of their migrations : planning, migration, problems during migration, interaction with other products (DB2, IMS, Websphere, CICS . . . ). They also offer some sample configuration files . . . Unfortunately there's no publication on z/OS 1.8 yet. I'll keep you informed when it turns up. The last one is 'z/OS V1R7.0 zSeries Platform Test Report for z/OS and Linux Virtual Servers'. A list of earlier publications can be found here.

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