Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mainframe Growing Like It's 1979

As the year is closing down, surveys of the past year and predictions for the coming year are made everywhere. Of course, our interest mainly goes to commentaries on the mainframe, like this one at Enterprise Systems.

On the other hand, 2006 was a resurgent year for mainframe boosters. Big Iron enjoyed three strong quarters—including a Q3 in which it recorded 18 percent year-over-year growth in MIPS shipments—and helped IBM grow its server market share, thanks in large part to System z (see (http://www.esj.com/Enterprise/article.aspx?EditorialsID=2316).

To be sure, there was a downturn of sorts—mainframe sales dipped in Q2—but that was also ahead of IBM’s z9 Business Class (BC) and z9 Enterprise Class (EC) system refresh. What’s more, IBM introduced a new dedicated processor engine (zSeries Integrated Information Processor, or zIIP) and announced a $100 million investment to simplify mainframe management and programming.

All in all, 2006 was a great year for mainframe pros. As you’ll see, 2007 might be even stronger.

All in all a great message to conclude the old year and start with the new one. I'm not sure whether I'll get to posting again for this year. But with the end of the year in sight and the mainframe "growing like it's 1979', I suggest we start 'partying like it's 1999'
(yes, Prince )

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