Friday, December 1, 2006

IBM Redbooks

Today I'm stating the obvious of course. Every one knows the IBM Redbooks. But I just added the URL to my links because there were a couple of interesting redbooks this week. People tend to forget soon, but I still find the Redbooks a great initiative as compared to the former manuals we were always cursing because they were unreadable. You can subscribe to the Redbooks Newsletter over here, indicating your interest areas. So, you'll get an update on the site every Monday. Or you can even get real-time updates with the RSS-feeds nowadays.
The first redbook I would like to mention is still a draft : z/OS Version 1 Release 8 Implementation. But the draft is already worth mentioning. The content is too exhaustive to cover entirely here, but here's a foretaste :
This redbook describes the functional enhancements to z/OS® for Version 1 Release 8, (z/OS V1R8). These enhancements that are described are designed to help installations install, tailor, migrate, and configure z/OS V1R8.
This redbook describes the new enhancements as follows:
z/OS Version 1 Release 8 Overview
Installation and migration to z/OS V1R8
Console restructure
CFRM performance enhancements
RMF enhancements
WLM enhancements
The second one is ICF Catalog Backup and Recovery: Catalog RecoveryPlus Update. This Redpaper tells us about IBM Integrated Catalog Forward Recovery Utility (ICFRU) and Mainstar Catalog RecoveryPlus, two tool for ICF catalog backup and recovery. It "provides information and practical examples on how to use the Mainstar Catalog RecoveryPlus product in a catalog recovery situation. It also provides useful recommendations for storage administrators in implementing a catalog backup and recovery plan.
This redbook also provides a variety of practical tests to help you with the
different error scenarios you may find in your daily production activities."

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