Friday, April 13, 2007

CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V3.2 - bis

I mentioned 'z/Journal : The CICS spotlight' some time ago and I just received the April issue. Phylis Donofrio, editor of this newsletter, writes a very enthousiastic summary of the highlights of this new version - from an insider's point of view.
Phylis also points out that any customer can get a BETA release before GA in June. In addition :
(...) Hurlsey is offering special attention to customers that want it. This offer lets IBM come to YOU! According to IBM:

‘There is an initiative where CICS Technical specialists will visit customer locations for a day at no cost to the customer and deliver a customized agenda, agreed upon with the customer by the Account Team. The intention is that a set of mixed skills will attend and hear the benefits of moving to CICS TS V3. There are no travel or lodging costs incurred by the customer so it is hoped that more of their staff to take this opportunity to listen to CICS technical specialists explaining the capabilities of CICS. The initiative is called the CICS on demand Seminars and customers should contact their Account team to be nominated. If they are unable to contact their Account rep then they should request a nomination form from the following userID asking for a nomination form for a CICS on demand Seminar.’

What an offer!

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