Thursday, April 5, 2007

The secret side of System z

I just came across some new fun stuff on the IBM site.
As it's been a while since the last video I presented to you, I thougth I might as well throw this in.
It's our famous actor Gil again who comes to the rescue of some lost souls.
Here he is with his rescue mission :

Just click on the picture to watch the entire story, with three videos of people looking for a partner. It opens in a new window.

Bottom line : it's an ad for SOA on System z.
And if you click through it, there's a Free "Secrets of SOA" book offer saying "Is your company considering adding new applications or implementing a Services Oriented Architecture? If so, register for "Secrets of SOA," compliments of IBM".
No I'm not giving the direct link. You'll just have to check it out !


Anonymous said...

missing GIL's link on IBM website:

Error 404: /info/firstlove/nonflash/index.jsp

jamer! helaas!

dody said...

Error 404: /info/firstlove/nonflash/index.jsp

Marc W. said...

Sorry, I saw this so late : the link is working for me. The entire link should be :