Friday, April 6, 2007

Red Alert : DB2 for z/OS V7 potential loss of data with partitioned tablespaces in a data sharing environment

When I first mentioned the Red Alerts subscription service for zSeries I said you wouldn't be flooded with alerts subscribing to it. But now it's been only two weeks since I mentioned the last one.
This time it's about DB2 V7. I quote the description and recommended actions :
A defect was introduced by PTF UK20581. If either UK20581 or it's superseding PTF UK21715 is applied then a potential loss of data can occur in a DB2 V7 data sharing environment due to pages from a partitioned table space being cast out to the wrong partition. This may result in subsequent DB2 abends with reason code 00C200F7 or 00C20223. The exposure exists only for partitioned table spaces in a data sharing environment with DB2 V7 with the above PTFs applied. APAR PK42682 has been created to resolve this problem. Please refer to the APAR text for further details.

Remove PTFs UK20851 and UK21715 or apply the solution for PK42682.
I hope from now on the pace of Red Alerts will slow down again.

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