Tuesday, April 24, 2007

zNALC and APAR OA20314

I've added Martin Packer's blog titled 'Mainframe Performance Topics' to my 'Fellow Bloggers' section. He's been reporting on the 'European System z Technical Conference' where he also did some presentations. On Day 2 Martin mentions a presentation by Paul Rogers on 'z/OS Releases 8, 9 and Beyond' and I quote : "APAR OA20314 (in support of zNALC) allows you to IPL with LICENSE=ZNALC rather than hardcoding the LPAR's name according to the old NALC licencing convention (ZNALxxxx)". So I searched the Technical Help Database for more details about this APAR, but all I found was status 'open' and description 'new function'. But I see there's a confirmation of this in the zNALC announcement that's been revised on April 3, 2007. It says : "Any Logical Partition (LPAR) that is designated as a zNALC LPAR must follow the naming convention 'ZNALxxxx' where xxxx may be any letters or numbers. Alternatively, customers who prefer not to change LPAR names to qualify for zNALC (and are running z/OS Version 1 Release 6, or later) may set the LICENSE = 'ZNALC' IPL parameter to indicate a zNALC LPAR. The zNALC IPL parameter will be available via APAR OA20314, expected in third quarter 2007".

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