Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Announcements : ESS and DS8100

Yesterday, most, if not all, features of the Shark (ESS800) and the Baby Shark (ESS750) were announced to be withdrawn from marketing as from November 30, 2007 onwards : expansion racks, disk eight-packs, host adapters, cache ... So anyone still planning an upgrade on their Sharks ...
On the other hand the DS800 now has third and fourth expansion unit support providing "up to 307.2 TB of physical capacity with 300 GB Fibre Channel disk drives, and up to 512 TB of physical capacity with 500 GB Fibre ATA (FATA) disk drives". Another addition is Single Phase Power Support. Since IBM introduced the choice of the guarantee period, there's every time two announcements : one for the original 2107 Machine Type and one for the 2121-2124 machine Type series.

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