Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Vanguard Software Products

Less than 2 years ago, on August 23, 2005 IBM announced to resell the Vanguard Software Products as "a complete solution for RACF security management". I quote the 2005 announcement : "Vanguard products dramatically improve the efficiency of security administration provide expert level vulnerability analysis and system auditing tools, and add real-time event, intrusion detection, and policy enforcement capabilities to the zSeries Server. Everyday security functions can be performed with accuracy in a fraction of the time".
Now, IBM made the following announcement : 'Developer Relations Remarketing software withdrawal: Vanguard products'. The products are Vanguard Administrator, Vanguard Advisor, Vanguard Analyzer, Vanguard Enforcer and Vanguard SecurityCenter.
No doubt this is related to the acquisition of Consul a couple of months ago. The Consul suites will be incorporated into the Tivoli Security Management Products.

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