Friday, May 11, 2007

Project Big Green

Yesterday, I mentioned that IBM definitely had more up its sleeve concerning 'energy efficiency' in the data center.
So here's the press release from IBM now officially announcing their 'Project Big Green' : 'IBM Unveils Plan to Combat Data Center Energy Crisis; Allocates $1 Billion to Advance "Green" Technology and Services"; This has of course a larger scope than just the mainframe. The summary :
IBM is using its expertise and energy-smart technology innovations to outline a five-step approach for clients that is designed to dramatically improve energy efficiency:
  • DIAGNOSE: Evaluate existing facilities -- energy assessment, virtual 3-D power management and thermal analytics
  • BUILD: Plan, build or update to an energy efficient data center
  • VIRTUALIZE: Virtualize IT infrastructures and special purpose processors
  • MANAGE: Seize control with power management software
  • COOL: Exploit liquid cooling solutions -- inside and out of the data center
More details on the different components in the press release itself, also including some 'cool' pictures.

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