Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hot Flashes and Tool Bags

I'm referring to two presentations I stumble across from time to time and when it happens I always take the opportunity to have a look. Both are regularly updated and each time contain some goodies and pieces of information that make them worth checking out.
The first one is "Cheryl's Hot Flashes". You can find it in the presentation section of Cheryl Watsons site. She is regularly presenting it at user meetings like e.g. the Share meeting at Tampa in February. There's e.g. always some interesting survey results : who's on z/OS 1.8, how many people are using the zAAP/zIIP or are planning to. But the last one also discusses user experiences on zIIP and there are always some quite technical topics too like e.g. 'interesting APARs' ...
By the way, all Tampa Share presentations are available on the Share site.
The second is "A System Programmer Productivity Tool Bag" by Bette Brody. you find the latest two versions over here with a list of topics covered. This one really contains a wealth of information for every system programmer focusing on recent announcements, Statements of Direction, interesting new publications, redbooks and white papers, downloads like e.g. the Health Checker and the free Omegamon z/OS management Console, some info on using ShopzSeries, tips on installing Server Pacs, the use of all kinds of tools like zPCR, some interesting z/OS links and many other topics.

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