Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ESJ and the SHARE market survey

The Enterprise Strategies Newsletter from Enterprise Systems intrigued me with a title of one of their articles "Reality Check: A Closer Look at System z's Late-2007 Stumble". It tells the story of how the mainframe sales "stumbled" during the third quarter of 2007. But they cannot really pinpoint a particular reason for it and say not to worry because the future looks bright. They refer to a SHARE market survey among mainframe users illustrating this.
The survey is over here. It's split into two parts : the executive summary and the report itself.
The key findings of the executive summary :
At least half of the surveyed sites still use hand-coded
scripts to move data from their mainframes to other
platforms or databases. Mainframes store and manage much
of an organization’s enterprise data. However, most of this data
remains inaccessible in these environments.

Most mainframe sites share only a small portion of their
data across enterprise systems. A majority, however, do need
to make what data is available viewable on a real-time basis.

Close to one out of four respondents’ companies have SOA
efforts now in progress, and another one-third are planning
or considering SOA. At least half of these efforts will employ
mainframes in a central role.

Most SOA efforts do not yet have an enterprise reach.
However, many companies are preparing SOA to meet real-time
requirements. Approximately 40 percent of companies are
deploying or considering event-driven architecture-seen as a
real-time adapting of SOA.
Just browse through the survey, it contains lots and lots more information than just that.


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