Monday, January 28, 2008

New mainframe in February ?

I've been away for a couple of days last week and I didn't find the time to post. But now I'm back and as I'm catching up with everything, I'll make some posts on it.
There's e.g. this rumour going round telling us about a new mainframe in February.
I saw it on the IBM-Main Discussion List, Willie Favero picked it up in his blog and it was also mentioned on the Mainframe Blog. They all refer to this quote by IBM's Chief Financial Officer Mark Loughridge :
"In 2008 we’ll move to our next generation mainframe, with announcement and availability in late February. This next generation System z has 50 percent more capacity than the current z9, enables unprecedented levels of workload consolidation and extends mainframe’s leadership in energy efficiency, security and resiliency."
So far I've only found one source trying to make up a profile of this new mainframe. It's in some sample pages of the 'Mainframe Market Bulletin' you find over here.
We'll only find out how much of it is true when (if) it gets announced.

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