Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I've been blog tagged

There's this game running around in blogland where you get tagged by a fellow blogger. Once you're tagged you have to tell 8 things about yourself and tag 8 other bloggers in order to continue the game. As you already guessed, it's my turn now. I got tagged by Trevor Eddolls from Mainframe Update who in turn got tagged by Craig Mullins, Willie Favero etc.

So here we go
  1. I see that many bloggers are real music lovers and it's not different with me. My favourites : Frank Zappa, John Cale, Pearl Jam, The Boss and definitely Prince. I just counted that I have some 50 bookmarks to Prince related websites.
  2. I got two different degrees (or whatever you call it). I first graduated as a teacher and later on went back to study Germanic philology (Dutch and English).
  3. I actually stood in front of the class for some time and really enjoyed the teaching. But then I got this opportunity to follow a computer course at IBM. Little did I know this would be the start of a mainframe career.
  4. So I started out some 20 years ago as a Cobol programmer with CICS and IMS in a VM/VSE environment.
  5. I'm a Harry Potter fan. I read the last book immediately when it came out. And I was glad to see my theory about Snape was correct (you see, I told you so !). In the meantime I read it again in translation (Dutch).
    But just to prove you I also read other stuff : I've read Ulysses from Joyce entirely. And if I might give you another tip : House of Leaves from Mark Z. Danielewski.
  6. I live in Belgium near Ghent and my mother tongue is Dutch. I live there with my wife and two sons (age 17 and 19). No pets.
  7. I'm a complete fool when it comes to mathematics and electricity.
    And I never succeeded in making the Rubik's cube completely. Those damn last four blocks !
  8. I love all kinds of science fiction. My favourites are : Star Trek, the Alien and Terminator series, Star Wars . . .
Who to tag next ? I can't seem to find that many who haven't joined the game yet. So I'll start off with these fellow bloggers : James Governor, Timothy Sipples and Kristine Harper, Will Runyon and Ian Hughes.

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