Saturday, January 19, 2008

z890 for sale on eBay

Last week I bought some low price tickets on eBay. I mentioned to my wife that you can really find everything on eBay. You name it, it's there. I must say I didn't have recent mainframes on my mind at that moment. But yesterday on the IBM-Main discussion list I read that there was actually one for sale for the moment (thanks to Dan Squillace). As not every one is checking out the list every day, I thought I might mention it over here, because time is running out. And for the moment the bidding went from $995 to $14.800 for this 2-IFL machine. I'm curious where it will end. Take a look, it's over here. And for those who don't get to see one of those every day, there're lots of pictures included.
Little update : the bidding was closed at $40.000. Good luck to the buyer.