Monday, April 27, 2009

ABCs of z/OS System Programming

The ABCs go back to 2000 when the 5-volume series of Redbooks called 'ABCs of OS/390 System Programming' was launched. This was later reworked to an 11-volume series called 'ABCs of z/OS System Programming'. But I see there's now already a draft of Volume 13 ? This one's entirely dedicated to JES3. I haven't seen any reference to Volume 12, but perhaps that one will be on JES2 ?

I still find this a wonderful initiative because you might be a specialist in one domain, but you can still fall back on these for a thorough introduction on domains you're not that specialized in. So I wouldn't mind seeing some statement from IBM that the Redbooks aren't going down the same road as the IBM Journals. Here's an overview :
Volume 1:Introduction to z/OS and storage concepts, TSO/E, ISPF, JCL, SDSF, and z/OS delivery and installation
Volume 2: z/OS implementation and daily maintenance, defining subsystems, JES2 and JES3, LPA, LNKLST, authorized libraries, and catalogs
Volume 3: Introduction to DFSMS, storage management
Volume 4: Communication Server, TCP/IP, and VTAM
Volume 5: Base and Parallel Sysplex, system logger, global resource serialization, z/OS system operations, and automatic restart management.
Volume 6: RACF, PKI, LDAP, cryptography, Kerberos and firewall technologies
Volume 7: Infoprint Server, Language Environment, and SMP/E
Volume 8: z/OS problem diagnosis
Volume 9: z/OS UNIX System Services
Volume 10: Introduction to z/Architecture, zSeries processor design, zSeries connectivity, LPAR concepts, HCD, and HMC
Volume 11: WLM, RMF, and performance management
Volume 12: Unknown
Volume 13: JES3


Anonymous said...

nice blog sir,
do you have any ppt for smp/e with screen shots..

can you please share with me sir.

i am a system programming started my career just now in this..


Marc Wambeke said...

you can take a look at the IBM site where you find lots of information on smp/e.
You can find some presentations at If you follow the 'Proceedings' tab you can download some presentations on smp/e from previous share events.