Friday, April 3, 2009

CA Mainframe Newsletter & Webcasts

Last wednesday I received the 10th issue of 'CA Advisor Mainframe Newsletter'. There's an online version of it and you can subscribe to it over here. If you want to read previous issues you can take a look at the archive. In this issue there are articles on mainframe's renaissance, workload automation but I would like to focus on what they are calling their CA May Mainframe Madness.
It involves several aspects with a CA Mainframe Infinity Tour 2009 and lots of webcasts in the month of May :
"The May Mainframe webcast series will teach you the major components of CA’s Mainframe 2.0 strategy and how it will transform mainframe management at your organization. (...) Join CA in May Mainframe Madness to learn how to tap the potential business value of CA software so that you can respond quickly and cost-effectively to new challenges, and take advantage of Mainframe 2.0 for your CA solutions".
Here are a couple of titles :
Mainframe 2.0: The Mainframe Transformation
Mainframe 2.0: Priorities and Plans for CA Mainframe Database Management
Mainframe 2.0: CA OPS/MVS® and CA MIM® – Today and Beyond
Mainframe 2.0: What's New in CA Endevor® Software Change Manager
Mainframe 2.0: CA Mainframe Storage Management
Mainframe 2.0: CA Mainframe Security
Mainframe 2.0: Preparing for a New Generation on the Mainframe
Mainframe 2.0: Making IT Operational
Mainframe 2.0 What's New in CA Spool™ 11.5
Mainframe 2.0: Expanding on CA IDMS™ Usability
Mainframe 2.0: What's New with CA Workload Automation
Mainframe 2.0: CA Easytrieve® Just Got Easier
Mainframe 2.0: New CA Datacom® Deliverables
You can find the entire list over here.

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Anonymous said...

Think its quite interesting to se the intended transformation or modernization of the overall mainframe management software that CA seems to be taking quite serious? Wonder if they will success and how big blue will react (but meybe they are more or less in the same boat here?)