Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Identifying the dynamic SQL statements which are causing a deadlock in DB2 for z/OS

I'm not always sure why or how things arrive in my mailbox. This seems to be some kind of newsletter from IBM Software Group called 'Best practices for System z software'. This (first ?) issue gives a very practical tip on identifying and avoiding deadlocks in DB2 for z/OS, making use of enhancements in DB2 V8. You can download this 7 page document by Richard Corrihons (PSSC - Montpellier) over here. You first have to fill out a form and there's some oddity about the country. I don't see any European countries mentioned. The conclusion sums up exactly what you can expect from this very useful document :
"In this document we described how to benefit from DB2 V8 for z/OS enhancements to identify the dynamic SQL statements involved in most deadlocks. We saw that the RECTRACE TRACE command allows us to retrieve the statement IDs of the SQLs, and that the EXPLAIN STMTCACHE ALL command allows us to retrieve the SQL statement texts that correspond to those statement IDs".

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