Monday, April 15, 2013

New GSE Working Group in Belgium : GSE Young Professionals

We have a new GSE Working Group and it's one I really like to put the spotlights on : 'GSE Young Professionals' !

Allthough it's rather obvious, I'll let them explain themselves what it's all about.
Young Professionals is a new group inside GSE (Guide Share Europe) founded for young ICT professionals and students.

The objectives of the Young Professionals User Group :
  • Creating a bridge between the students of the high schools/universities and the young professional s of the IT department of the (large) companies.
  • Sharing of experiences of the start of an IT career 
  • Learning about the possibilities within an IT career
  • Exchanging information about the organization of the IT department within a company
  • Exchanging information about the different roles within an IT department
In short, bridging the gap between school and professional life.

If you want to get into contact with them or follow their activities via the social media, they have a group site on LinkedIn, a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Their first meeting is an all-day event on May 23, 2013 at Hogeschool Gent. The location is no coincidence as Hogeschool Gent has the most elaborate mainframe track for students here in Belgium.The focus for this event is on the banking sector. Participation is free and you find the full agenda over here. You can also register over there.

If you're a young professional or still a student, be sure to attend this meeting. And for every one else : here's a team of young professionals who really deserve our support. Be sure to do so via the social media I just mentioned . . . and IRL of course !


Anonymous said...

Hi there, good to hear.
The same has been done in Germany. There is a GSE Workinggroup called "u30 zTalents". It was founded last year.

Do you know who is the Chairmen? would be nice to get in contakt with.


Marc Wambeke said...

Google is your friend :