Friday, December 13, 2013

DB2 for z/OS reference material

I've mentioned these ones before, but I thought it's worth referencing them again. BMC Software as well as CA Technologies offer some reference material for DB2 for z/OS.

Here's a view of one of the posters BMC is offering

For DB2 10 (and even still for DB2 9) you can order the Reference Guide for z/OS, the Catalog Table for z/OS poster and the Explain Table for z/OS poster over here. Call me oldfashioned but they're sent to you by snail mail, so you can still actually hold the book in your hands. And don't let 'snail mail' fool you, I received mine within two weeks.

CA is also offering a PDF version of their Reference Guide. The content is of course as great as the BMC reference. There are 7 large topics : SQL, utilities, commands, system tables, user tables, return codes and miscellaneous sytem information like SQLCA, SQL and DB2 limits, DSNZPARM information, IFCIDs and so on. Here's the link to it.

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