Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DBA Rules of Thumb

I wrote this before, you can retweet something when you find it interesting but from time to time I wish there was some kind of re-blog function. I totally enjoyed the series of 'DBA Rules of Thumb' that Craig Mullins has been posting the last couple of weeks. It's so recognizable and still I'm sure you have to build up some experience first to realize how true it all is what he's writing. I'm not sure we learn a lot from other people's mistakes or experience. Still, if you're a beginning, or whatever, DBA, this is solid advice worth taking into account.

The first five posts so far :
  • Write everything down (link)
  • Automate and don't reinvent the wheel (link)
  • Share your knowledge (link)
  • Analyze, Simplify and Focus (link)
  • Don't Panic (link)
I can't resist quoting from the Don't Panic post :
A calm disposition and the ability to remain cool under strenuous conditions are essential to the makeup of a good DBA. Problems will occur—nothing you can do can eliminate every possible problem or error. Part of your job as a DBA is to be able to react to problems with a calm demeanor and analytical disposition.
I might come up with quite a number of other professions that fit this description but none more than that of a DBA of course ! Since it's almost the end of the year, let's get lyrical (no reference to O.N.John intended) and summarize it with a rhyme
If sh*t hits the Fan
You are the Man
These are my own words, not those of Craig.
So, have a look at these posts and check out for new entries at the DB2Portal Blog.

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