Monday, December 23, 2013 homepage history in screen shots

There's one E. Costello I do know but up to a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Ed Costello before. As it turns out, Ed Costello was " IBM’s first Corporate Webmaster, managing and a variety of other web sites for IBM from 1994 through 1999". But why do I now write specifically about him ? Well he has a page that shows a nice history of the homepage through the years. And what's interesting about it, is that he also tells the stories behind the different pages.

A couple of examples. This one from 2001 still looks quite familiar

But this one is already a bit further in time (1999)

And this one is the very first version dating back to 1994

The overview ends in 2011 with version 17. So do have a look at it and try to remember how far your memories of the IBM homepage go back. I think mine only start somewhere around 1998.

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