Tuesday, December 10, 2013

GSE DB2 Working Group presentations online

If I write about all those GSE working group events that are taking place, I might as well give feedback on some of them. Last week I attended the DB2 Working Group. Not surprisingly since I added 'lifelong Cobol and DB2 addict' to my profile on our corporate portal. I'm no longer really active in DB2 (for the moment) but I do keep an eye on its evolutions.

Once again there was a good mix of content with two user presentations. And you know how it goes, it's hard to get good user presentations or people who want to present for a group of other people. But these were spot on with some surprising facts. Both user experiences were about native stored procedures and how to implement them in your environment. Do have a look at them, I'm sure you'll get some valuable practical tips on how to implement and manage them. And the surprising fact ? The impact they have or don't have on the zIIP. You'll have to take a look if you want to know the outcome.

The other presentations were on Big Data (good introduction by Andy Ward from CA) and Trends in Database Management Systems from an IBM DB2 perspective by Namik Hrle from IBM. It points out the evolution from a traditional landscape to a visionary landscape. Of course the Analytics Accelerator is highlighted here as well.

The presentations :

What'sBig AboutBig Data? The Volume? The Size? The Value? Andy Ward, CA Technologies
SQL StoredProcedures @ NVSM/UNMS Bart Verboven - NVSM/UNMS
Stijn Vandenbosch -NVSM/UNMS
Native SQL StoredProcedures at Allianz Belgium: a practical case Phillipe De Backer - Allianz
Trends in Database Management Systems - The DB2 Perspective Namik Hrle - IBM

If you want to have a look at the presentations from previous events, you can find them over here.

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